“A hobby can be described as an activity or interest pursues outside one’s regular . occupation primarily for self –satisfaction and pleasure . over the years I have had many interests but my special hobby has always been painting . I used to love painting when I was young and today that hobby has transcended into another , a passion for collecting painting .”

Anything productive that you like to do in your free time is a hobby . The key-word here is productive . ` so, lying on the sofa and watching television is not a hobby .

You must be exited about doing it. If you stop enjoying it ceases to be a hobby .

Hobbies help us to :-

  • Relax
  • Re energise the brain
  • Be more patient
  • Concentrate better
  • Discover our latent telents
  • Have fun by overselves

Sometimes a hobby can became a professional . do you have a hobby ? If you do not , , you could start right now . but what would you like to do  ?

Here is a suggestion . you now know year areas for indtrest, so chose something from there for instance ,

Your area of interest is solving match and logic puzzles you could make that your hobby . you could try  collecting , compiling or creating your own number puzzles . now, wouldn’t that be fun !

There is no ‘best hobby’ that one can prescribe. Whatever  you  like doing most is the best hobby for you .




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