1. Words and simple phrases like ‘please’ ‘thank you’ , ‘sorry’ ,beg your pardon make a lot of difference . use them and them and see the magic .
  2. Be thankful to the almighty for granting  you this precious life . pray to him for a while in the morning when you get up . when you have your meal and when you retire to bed .
  3. Devlop the strength to speak the truth.
  4. Be kind to animal , birds and to the whole nature  as they are a part of this creation .
  5. Think of other who may not be so fortunates as you .
  6. Respect your teachers and parents as they  always care for you .
  7. Do not mock at others ‘ Disability’ or deficiencies.
  8. Do not interrupt if some one is talking .
  9. Do not pluck flowers or step on the flower bed .
  10. do not disfigure wall or furniture.
  11. Wear a smart look.
  12. Stand in a right posture .
  13. Move briskly .
  14. Observe panctuallty and regularity .
  15. Keep your class room and surrounding clean.
  16. Be attentive in your class.
  17. Complete your class homework / assignment in time .
  18. Follow laws and rules .
  19. Keep silence while eating your meals .
  20. Wash your hand before and after meal .
  21. Meet every one with smile . smile is catching .
  22. Be humble. Humallity is a quality of the strong .
  23. Brush your teeth twice daily in the morning when you get up and in the evening before you go to bed .
  24. Deposit any unattended article at the ‘reception counter in the school . 



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