A lotus student is proud of his/her school and should show it by:

  1. Respecting the elders  , especially one’s parents and teachers, standing up as and when they enter/leave a room in which he/ she happens to be , standing erect when being spoken to by them helping them as and when the need aris, never making fun of them or causing any kind of disrespect what so ever .
  2. Being friendly and not quarrelsome with companions
  3. Being honest in dealing with others , truthfull in speech and supporting in behavior .
  4. Be excelling in studies .
  5. Being clean and dry ,always having  the shirt buttoned hair done up and shoes polished . helping others to clean up and wash up , in school and in the classroom,not scattering papers or pencil scraps on the floor .
  6. Not using abusing word(s) anywhere .
  7. Always being cheerful and smilling and ready to extend a helping hand to others.
  8. Always being loyal to fellow countrymen .
  9. Always holding one’s own head high ,calm and cool

Always being patient in listening discreet and rational in expression,



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