Date I-II-III-IV-V   examples of the tragic hero project   VI-VII-VIII-IX-X-XII
06/07/2016 Green day Green day
28/07/2016 English essay writers for hire poem Quiz Competition
14/08/2016 White day White day
15/08/2016 National Anthem Music Competition & National Songs
04/09/2016 Krishna & radha bano comp. Matki phod / crown making competition
12/09/2016 English poem recitation Book base making comp.
17/09/2016 Fruit day Lord ganesh making
21/10/2016 Krigami Rawan making
27/10/2016 Drawing competition Sanza art
07/11/2016 Fancy dress competition Rangoli making competition
09/11/2016 Card making competition Diya making competition
12/12/2016 Musical chair race Bhajan competition
21/12/2016 Story telling Christmas tree decoration
04/01/2016 Orange day Orange day
13/01/2016 Origami Kite making
04/02/2016 Yellow day Yellow day



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