(class I to XII)

  • There will be 1 formative assessment (FA1,FA2,FA3 and FA4) and 2 summative assessment (SA1&SA2) to be help during this session .
  • Result up to class 10th  will be decided in aggregate of both formative and summative assessment .
  • To appear in the test and examination is compalsary for all classes ,absence for the tests and examination shall be entirely at the responsibility of student and perents only.
  • Promotion will be dicided by principal and examination committee.
  • Promotion can not be claimed as matter of right ,it depends on the performance and achievement level of the student assessed by the school .
  • Those who fail twice in the same class shall not be continued in the school .
  • Continuous comprehensive evalution (CCE) will be done on the basis of formative and summative assessment.
  • Computer examination will be conducted only summative assessment .
  • Student will have to obtain minimum `D` grade in each subject to be promoted .
  • EIOP ( eligible for the improvement of performance ) may be given in maximum 2 subjects.



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